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July 28, 2014
Volume VI, Number 30
In This Issue:

Discoveries Along The Shore
Of The Potomac River In
Maryland ... July 28, 2014

Mike Lundmark And I Tromp
Along The High Tide Line
Along The Eastern Shore Of
The Potomac ... Did We Find
Anything Interesting?

Patience And Careful
Examination Of The
Shoreline Yielded Several Nice
Archaic Projectile Points

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As A Complex Business Schedule Sometimes Allows, I Got To Spend This
Last Weekend Of July At A Copywriting Conference In Baltimore ... And
Was Able To Get In Touch With A Long Time Correspondent/Fellow
Arrowhead Hunter & Collector Who Lives In Southern Maryland.  
Today, We Spent Several Hours Walking Along The Tidal Wash Zone Of
A Stretch Of Shore On The Eastern Bank Of The Potomac River Looking
For Evidence Of Ancient Hunters And The Remnants Of Their Hunting
Equipment.  It Was A Productive Day ... For Both Of Us.  Mike Found
Several Nice Archaic Period Projectile Points.  I Got To Make Some
Photographs For You To Enjoy In Your E-Newsletter ... The QUIVER.
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From left to right, artist Sergio de la Rosa's depiction of three elephant
ancestors, the mastodon, the mammoth, and the gomphothere.
Up in the dry sand, we found this archaic dart point made out of quartzite.  It
was in very nice condition, what with thousands of years of washing in the
sand along the shores of the Potomac River.  Likely a "Bare Island" dart point
from the Late Archaic period -- 4500 - 1500 B.P.
Our first "whole" projectile point of the morning.  A rather worn down milky
quartz corner notched, split based dart point.  Still shiny with the waters of
the Potomac.  Probably a "Halifax" -- Middle to Late Archaic -- 6000-3000 B.P.
A few moments later, the wave wash zone yielded up the following
bifurcated (split) based dart point made from milky quartz crystal material.  
Perhaps a resharpened "Lecroy" dart point, Early to Middle Archaic --
9000-5000 B.P.
Then, as we were making our way back along the shore to the departure path,
we discovered a different kind of stone from the usual quartzite or milky
quartz material found along this area.  An outstanding corner notched dart
point made out of jasper or a fine chert ... almost a purplish brown, smoothly
flaked material.  Now our expedition had a cap stone and we could go back to
our modern lives satisfied with the day's ancient discoveries.  Perhaps a
"Palmer" dart point from the Early Archaic period -- 9000-8000 B.P.
A group portrait of the dart points and a couple of broken blades found by
Mike Lundmark, today, July 28, 2014, on the eastern shore of the Potomac
River in southern Maryland.
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